Hi, I'm Gabriella.

I'm your professional photographer and amateur CEO of Candid House Photography and Venus Room x Candid House. I've often been described as:

  • Devoted
  • Creative
  • Intellectual
  • Makes a mean quiche

Behind the Lens

Being creative to my core, photography has been an interest of mine casually for a long time. It wasn't until a couple of years ago that I actually picked up a camera and started learning how far my passion could reach. That's when it 'clicked' for me - ha! I realized fairly quickly that lifestyle photography was the right direction for me and have since enjoyed spending time with others, giving them the gift of their own joy. I especially love making women feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.  

The Storyteller

Those who know me well can likely all agree that the title 'storyteller' fits like a glove. I'm a speaker, a writer, a poet, and sometimes even a comedian. To me, that's been my greatest asset in this business. I am proud to say that I can tell a story like no other, and that comes to life genuinely in my photographs.  

Other Quick Fun Facts

  • I would choose sunrise over sunset any day of the week
  • I'll never say no to sushi
  • I wrote and published my own two-book series about love ('Golden Hour' and 'Afterglow', available on Amazon)
  • I have a savory/salty tooth and not so much of a sweet tooth, but soft serve vanilla with rainbow sprinkles hits every time
  • My first vinyl record was 'Goodies' by Ciara
  • Go Bills!

At Home

I'm very lucky to be surrounded by love on all sides of my life, but especially at home. I married the woman of my dreams who's been my partner in trips to the farmer's market, the tops of mountains, and to the couch for Thai takeout since 2019. If ever I'm laughing, it's because of her. And it's pretty great to be completely in love with raising our four-legged family members (Aspen, Fig, Maple, and Cricket), too.

I would be remiss to not also mention my beautiful family and wonderful circle of friends who are incredibly supportive of me. No matter where my curiosity has taken me, they are there with an extended hand to help, a listening ear, or cheering me on as my fan club. When I'm not creating, it's without a doubt that I'm with (at least) one of them.

THE DEDICATION OF MY SUCCESS | To my warrior, my rock, and the person who taught me unconditional love: this I owe to you, Mama.