Time to Get Your Photos Off Your Phone!

We’re all guilty of having great photos hanging out on ours phones, right? From candid snaps, family portraits, or shots from that amazing Upstate NY photographer you love (hi, it’s me), you hold onto them and promise you’ll get them printed–right? Well, then you and I both are in the same boat. It's time to set your beautiful photos free! Here are a few ideas to help get you started:

Gallery Walls 

Framing your photos seems like the no-brainer part: print them, pick the frame that fits your home decor style, and done. But with a handful of framed photos, you take a blank wall and turn it into a stellar gallery. Mix and match your fave photos in different frames for a look that's totally you. Hang them with perfect spacing or in imperfect arrangements. Once you find the right display, change out the photos as you collect more. 

Old School Photo Boxes

Who says printing 4x6s and keeping them in photo boxes has to go out of style? Personally, there’s nothing better than pulling out those boxes every once in a while and sharing the memories with your friends and family. I certainly appreciate it still when I can do it with my Mom, and I hope my kids will one day appreciate it as well. 

Annual Yearbooks

There are websites that can help you do this (like Chatbooks and Shutterfly, for example) virtually and deliver a beautiful coffee table book, or you can create hard copy albums by hand. This is a great opportunity to spend time with people you love collecting your favorite photos and looking back on your memories together. You can go all-in on a scrapbook style with stickers and stamps, or order an album online with pages that have 4x6 windows to keep your photos safe. 

With these ideas, you can fill your home with memories that matter. So grab those photos off your phone and let's get decorating!